Let’s Make Eco-Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

Let’s make this Ganesh Chaturthi environmental friendly by making/using Ganesh Idols with clay. It will be livelier if all the family members together make their own Ganesh Idol with clay and use it for the pooja. In this way family bonding becomes stronger & our environment also stays happy.

Let’s Preserve Not Pollute Our Nature – don’t immerse the pooja samagri & the Ganesh idols in lakes or rivers, they pollute our water. Immerse Ganesh Idol at our homes itself & make compost out of the pooja samagri.

Option 1: Immerse Ganesh Idol in a bucket of water and pour the water to your plants or in flower pots.

Option 2: You can even grow plants with the Clay idol. In a flower pot place some seeds, cover up with soil and place the Ganesh Idol in the middle of the flower pot, perform pooja along with the flower pot. Later at the time of immersion pour water on the idol, so that the clay idol dissolves in the flower pot. And after few days you can see sprouts coming up & plants start to grow.

In this way, we can Preserve our Nature for our Younger Generations.

Watch This Video – Kids making Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idols:


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Am srikanth I also used eco friendly ganesh

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