Why the early childhood education is important?

SPICE Development: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cognitive, and Emotional development of the child depends mostly on early education, which directly affects their overall development and determines what sort of adults they become. What we invest in a young child, pays dividends in the future as the child develops and grows into adulthood.

Neurological research shows that early years play a vital role in children’s brain development. Parents often question the need to put their children in a pre-school when in fact, it is that crucial time in the life of children when they can develop fine and gross motor skills, pixel grip, kinesthetic, language skills, and visual skills, among others. Children also get the opportunity to interact with their peers in an environment which stimulates the children intellectually and socially, ensuring that they develop on a multi-faceted level as they play. This interaction inculcates in them strong social and relationship management skills, and develops in them values and ethics of fairness, equality and politeness.

A peer group comprising of children from different cultural, social, economic backgrounds will ensure that the interaction among children is enriching for them as they come across different cultural concepts, traditions and knowledge. Early childhood education, thus, equips children with skills to socialize in both personal and professional capacities in the future, gives them life-long memories to learn from, imbibes in them values such as teamwork, concentration, patience, and confidence and also gives them exposure to diversity.

It is because of all the above reasons that enrolling children into pre-schools has been made mandatory by the government.

Some tips for parents of preschoolers 

  • Be mentally prepared so that children do not see or feel your anxiety
  • Make your child independent
  • Stick to routine
  • Discipline kids
  • Avoid saying no
  • Share your child’s medical history with the preschool
  • Familiarize your child with the preschool setting
  • Encourage group activity
  • Separation anxiety should be tackled otherwise it will be hard for the child to adjust
  • Food habits and Toilet Training should begin at home
  • Boosting child’s confidence & self esteem


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