Don’t Spend Time Give Time

Many parents say they spend time with their children, but still, their bonding is very weak!
Why is it so? Firstly, please “Don’t Spend Time, Give Time To Your Children.”

Now-a-days parents are approaching Child Psychiatrists for behavioral changes in children. A basic self-question to be made by every parent –

1. How much of attention are you giving to your children?

2. Think whether you are giving enough freedom for your child to express him/her self.

Attention – Children learn by paying attention. Parents also must play the same role. Parents need to pay attention while children are playing, eating, talking, what not everything. Children learn from parents, friends, teachers & neighbours. Pay attention and understand how they are receiving and understanding things. Check their expressions & reactions. And it’s the parent’s job and responsibility to make them understand about good things & bad things. By this way, children will start developing to see the positive angle in every aspect.

Lack of freedom to express is the main cause – If kids are hesitant in sharing their views with parents, bonding will not develop with them. Once kids start expressing themselves, then the role of the parent starts. First, let children speak in their own language or slang. If the kid’s views are right, encourage and motivate them. If the kid’s views are wrong, then try to convince, explain and change their thought process so that they will get a clarity where they were wrong. Instead, if you shout & say they are wrong, kids will never realize why they were wrong. And they will develop negative impression against parents. It is very important for a parent to understand that children need to be guided in every aspect of their life. For which both parent & child bonding plays an important role.

It’s never too late, parents need to start talking, interact, play & get more involved with children in order to tune into their mindset. In this way, children will learn many things easily & understand things brightly. Children learn from what they see, as parent’s it’s your responsibility to make them look in the right way.

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