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Dehydration means lack of enough supply of fluid to body. Due to high temperatures & heat children often get Dehydrated in Summer. Dehydration results in vomiting, diarrhea, not feeling thirsty, or combination of these conditions. Results in decrease in sweat, not urinating frequently. Children are more likely to suffer from Dehydration than adults. Because kids forget to drink water or any other fluids timely when they are playing or at school.

Few Causes of Dehydration –

One of the most cause of Dehydration is less fluids intake, over heat, excess straining, diarrhea, vomiting & high fevers.

Signs & Symptoms of Dehydration –

  1. Lips – Dry, patchy & cracked lips
  2. Mouth – dry mouth, mouth sores, ulcers, throat infections
  3. Urine – dark coloured urine, less quantity, not urinating for 8-12hours, pain while urinating
  4. Energy Levels – feeling dull, weak, lazy felling always
  5. Skin – Dry & flaky skin, tanning easily
  6. Eyes – Dry eyes, less watering while crying, burning sensation
  7. Infections – Diarrhea, vomiting, urine infections, and other infections, blood in stools

These are the few basic signs & symptoms to identify Dehydration. If the symptoms & signs are severe in ideal to consult a doctor immediately.

How to Overcome Dehydration in children –

One & only best solution to beat Dehydration is increase in timely Fluids intake.

Best home remedy

Oral Rehydration Solution: In 250ml water, add a half spoon salt & one spoon sugar. Mix all together & consume this every one-hour until you feel better. this remedy can be used even adults.

Few Best Hydrating Drinks for Summer –

  1. Water – Daily intake of 3 to 4 liters
  2. Coconut Water
  3. Barley Water
  4. Sugar Cane Juice
  5. Butter Milk
  6. Lemon Water
  7. Fresh Fruit Juices
  8. ORS – Oral Rehydration Solution

Dear Parents – Make sure you carry a water bottle with you while going out with your children. And make children also carry a water bottle with them while going to play in summer. Only not children even adults have to consume all seasonal fruits and eat only homemade foods, avoid outside foods & roadside drinks.

“Let’s Beat The Heat This Summer”


With cold breezes, children start to cough, sneeze & develop congestion problems. The best home remedy is “Turmeric Milk.” It soothes the throat & relieves congestion.

To prepare it, you require
1. 200ml – Warm Milk

2. Half Teaspoon – Turmeric Powder

3. A Pinch – Pepper Powder

4. A Spoon Full – Honey/Sugar

Mix all together & drink weekly thrice for best results.


Diwali Safety Tips

1. Burn crackers under Parents or Elders supervision

2. Wear Cotton clothes

3. Do not touch the crackers directly by hand.

4. Always light crackers by sparklers / candle only

5. Maintain distance while lighting the crackers

6. Do not touch or relight the half burnt crackers

7. Dispose the used crackers in Water, to avoid injuries

8. In case of an accident while burning crackers immediately put the hand or the burnt part in water. Later seek medical help

9. Remember to wash your hands and change your clothes after burning the crackers

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Children are least considered for their health, as it’s not their age to think of such aspects. For them its all about to play, have fun & learn new things in a different way.

Its the job of the parents to closely monitor their child’s health. As children grow, health issues also start to show up. Which can either be the symptoms of a coming up disease or allergy, etc.

Parents need to keep a watch on the behavioral changes, eating habits, hygiene habits of the children. Inculcating good habits from the childhood helps children not only grow character wise but also health wise.

In order to beat the periodic health problems, along with vaccines regular health checks are mandatory for children. Health Checks not only help us to rest assured but also keeps us informed about the upcoming health issues their causes, etc.

Health Checks such as dental check & overall health checks are a must for once in every 6 months for every child. Dental check keeps the cavities away from children & overall health checks provide a good note of ideal health & weight. With the help of health checks, unidentified problems also can be identified & treated effectively.

Regularly follow a single pediatrician, as they are used to the kid & know their habits & regular medications, which help them to treat the kids easily.